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What is it?

Eyes and skin can become irritated after spending time in the spa for various reasons. Out-of-balance pool parameters, specifically pH, can cause eye and skin irritation in soakers. A build-up of contaminants in water can also create chloramines (a chlorine smell) and contribute to eye/skin irritation.

To adjust pH:

  • Test water before adding product to ensure which factors need to be adjusted
  • Add pH Decreaser if pH is high, pH Increaser if the pH is low

To remove contaminants:

To prevent irritating conditions:

  • Keep spa water balanced according to suggested parameters
  • Chemically clean filter every 4-6 weeks
  • Oxidize water weekly to destroy contaminants*

*such as perspiration, suntan lotions, hair sprays, body oils, urine, pet dander, and cosmetics